Our Mission

Alliance Funeral Home & Cremation Center is committed to providing professional, affordable, personalized and honorable cremation and funeral options. Our objective is to offer all families the choice to make workable financial and memorial arrangements.


Family-Centered Funeral Care

We provide family-centered funeral care, which means we provide funeral services that assure the wishes and values of families are respected. 


The core concepts of family-centered funeral care we practice:

  • Respect and Dignity

    Respecting the life of the decedent and providing dignity to their remains is our way of honoring their life and the contributions they made while alive. We believe everyone’s life has value, and we strive to remember and celebrate those values.

  • Sharing of Ideas and Information

    We promise to listen to you and exceed your expectations with open and honest communication. We listen when you share your thoughts and ideas with us, and we’ll provide you with all the information you need to make thoughtful and meaningful arrangements.

  • Active Participation of the Family in Planning the Funeral Activities

    We recognize you know your loved one and are the expert on what they would prefer in funeral arrangements. The family plays a key role in the arrangement process. However, each family is different in how much they want to participate in the planning of the funeral arrangement.  We want you to participate to the fullest level with which you are comfortable during the arrangement process, and we will assist you at every step.

  • Collaboration Between the Family and the Funeral Directors 

    A solid working relationship between the family and the funeral directors is key to planning a successful funeral and exceeding the family’s expectations. You can expect us to collaborate with you in all the aspects of the arrangements. 

  • Setting Clear Goals and Expectations 

    We know setting clear goals and expectations will lead to a successful funeral. From the time you first meet us, we strive to set realistic goals, so your expectations are not only met, but exceeded. Our responsibility is to provide high-value and fiscally responsible services—in other words, more than you can imagine at less than you can imagine.

  • Open Communication with the Family 

    We will be honest with you. We always adhere to all legal requirements and ethical funeral practices. Alliance Funeral Home & Cremation Center works diligently to price our services as economically as possible. We will communicate the costs to you and work with you to provide the funeral you desire within your budget. There are no surprises or hidden costs when you work with us.



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